Meet Squishy Taylor!

Squishy Taylor lives in a HUGE apartment building FILLED with mysteries.

She’s a NINJA DARE-DEVIL, she's ALWAYS getting into trouble, and she's the BRAVEST of her friends - So she’s the perfect person to investigate all the WEIRD stuff going on. Like...

  • Who’s that HIDING in the basement?
  • Why are green jelly snakes the YUMMIEST?
  • What kind of person comes back from holidays with NO luggage?
  • Why does Squishy's family ONLY have dessert on Saturday nights?
  • And WHO has been smuggling illegal DIAMONDS?


    Don't worry, Squishy Taylor is on the case!


    Read all about Squishy Taylor's adventures!

    Squishy Taylor & the Bonus Sisters

    1. Why does Squishy have to share everything with her new family?

    2. Why is her next door neighbour the crankiest man in the world?

    3. Why are green jelly snakes the yummiest?

    4. Who’s that hiding in the basement?

    Squishy Taylor & a Question of Trust

    1. Why is Boring Lady being so interesting?

    2. What kind of person comes back from holidays with no luggage?

    3. Why can they only have dessert on Saturday nights?

    4. Who’s been smuggling illegal diamonds?

    Squishy Taylor & the Vase that Wasn't

    1. How could a vase disappear from a locked apartment?

    2. How come everyone is getting Dad’s special forehead-kisses now?

    3. Why does toast taste better on a balcony?

    4. How do you get rid of a Chinese-warrior ghost?

    Squishy Taylor & the Mess Makers

    1. What’s the best way to sneak onto a film set?

    2. Why do grown-ups trust you more when you’re carrying a Baby?

    3. Is a pizza even a pizza without mozzarella?

    4. What do you do when everyone hates your hero?

    Author & Illustrator

    Ailsa Wild is an acrobat, whip cracker and teaching artist who wants to run away from the circus to become a writer.

    Ben Wood has been illustrating kid's books for over a decade and has worked with many Australian authors, including the likes of Margaret Wild.

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